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Frequently asked questions


How do our services work?

It's simple. You bring in an item of value and our professionally trained staff will value it on the spot and offer you a specific amount for it. Once the pawn price is agreed, we will immediately hand you cash against the signed contract.


For how long is the contract concluded?

The contract is always concluded for a calendar month. In the event of complications, the contract can then be extended by paying the accrued interest and you have another calendar month to repay


What can be pawned with us?

It is possible to pawn gold jewellery, gold bullion, devalued gold jewellery, but also consumer electronics such as laptops and phones. For more information, you can contact the relevant branch on the phone number listed on the website.


Can you pawn with us if you are in debt elsewhere?

When you borrow against a mortgage, we do not look at records or deal with debts elsewhere. You guarantee the amount borrowed directly against the item pledged, so practically anyone can use our loan.


What are the fees for a loan with us?

The interest on our loans ranges from 1% to 5%, with the amount of interest linked to the amount borrowed. You can find a detailed table on the home page of our website or contact us directly.


What happens if you do not repay your loan?

Nothing at all! Our loan is based on voluntary repayment and therefore it is up to you if you decide to repay it. You are only liable for the amount borrowed with a pledged item, which in case of non-repayment within the contractual term we will sell at our branches or eshop and thus the claim is terminated.


Can I trust that nothing will happen to my valuables?

We care about your valuables, which is why they are all stored in a secure room in a safe place so that nothing can happen to them.


When and how can you collect your pledge?

Come to the branch where you concluded the contract and we will hand over the item to you after checking your ID and paying the amount due against your signature.


Can I have more than one pledge agreement with you?

Yes, there is no limit or restriction on the number of pledge agreements in your name.


Do I have to make an appointment in advance?

No appointment is necessary, you can visit us at any time during opening hours, which can be found on the contact page. However, if you require a higher price than 30.000,- CZK for the pledge, please let us know in advance so that we can prepare everything necessary for you in advance and you do not have to wait that long.

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