Modern loan against a pledge!

Fast, secure, in cash and without a need to repay.

How it works? Pledge prices of gold
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We will change your point of view about pawnshop

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We offer the lowest interest rate starting just from 1%

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7 branches in 4 cities

Best buy-up and pledge prices of gold

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585/1000 14K

Hallmarked jewelry

950 CZK/g

Non-Hallmarked jewelry

930 CZK/g

Broken jewelry

800 CZK/g

750/1000 18K

1150 CZK/g

916/1000 22K

1410 CZK/g

999/1000 24K

1540 CZK/g

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We offer the lowest interest rate starting just from 1%

Interest rate in PRAGUE

300 - 4 900 CZK


5 000 - 9 900 CZK


10 000 - 19 900 CZK


20 000 - 29 900 CZK


30 000 - 250 000 CZK


We will CHANGE your point of view
about pawnshop!

Who are we? Modern pawnshop!

GetCash is a modern network of pawnshops with several branches in the Czech Republic. We deal with purely financial activities in the form of monetary loans against pledge of movable property.

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We are on the market for 30 years

Our company has been building up national renome with honest work for 30 years and emphasises on positive and professional approach.

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Modern and secure loan

Modern loans against pledge are an incresiangly popular form of cash assistance. It is completely safe solution to financial problems as there is no need to repay the loan.

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Total of 7 branches in 4 cities

You can visit our branches in several cities in the Czech Republic, where we offer the lowest interest rate on the market just from 1% and the highest gold pledge prices.

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We have e-shop with gold and electronics

TopZlatnictví has a wide selection of quality vintage jewellery and TopZboží offers electronics at an unbeatable prices.

How does our pawnshop work?

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First step

We will agree on the amount of the loan and we will take over your item.

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Second step

You present a valid ID (for example, an ID card) and we sign the contract.

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Third step

We will give you the money in cash immediately.

Up to 5 repayment options

Our loans are based on voluntary repayment!

The borrower chooses what to do with the borrowed money without any risk of getting into debt or losing creditworthiness. In other words, we do not look into or enter into the debtors' register, we do not throw into foreclosures. Even if you have defaulted three times in one period, we are happy to lend again.

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We are members of
Association of Ethical Pawnshops.

The association's trademark makes it clear to all customers that it is a responsible, honest and reliable pawnshop. Its operators honour the rules of the AEZ Code and all moral and ethical principles of good business practice.

Association website
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Shop at one of our two e-shops

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Gold jewellery at low prices

A wide selection of vintage jewellery that is marked with a valid hallmark. We guarantee origin and authenticity. It is possible to buy in installments and we also send for cash on delivery.

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TOP Zboží Outlet logo

Shop smart and cheap

Large selection of mobile phones, computers, audio and other electronics at an unbeatable prices. We give guaranttee for everything you buy for 24 months. It is possible to buy in installments and we also send for cash on delivery.

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