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The GetCash trademark deals with purely financial activities in the form of money lending against the pledge of movable property.

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Our company has been building a national reputation for 30 years through honest work and has built a quality customer base thanks to our commitment to becoming a market leader with an emphasis on a positive professional approach.


Modern pawn loans are an increasingly popular form of financial assistance and more people are taking advantage of them every year, according to our survey.

This is a completely safe solution to financial problems, because in case of non-repayment of the owed amount GetCash does not throw the client into foreclosures, but satisfies its claim by monetizing the pawned property, which is the guarantee of the loan.

It could be said that such a loan is voluntarily repayable and if the customer does not repay "even a penny" of the amount owed, there is no other financial penalty, except for the aforementioned monetization of the pawned property on the premises or in our e-shop.

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